WS Com e Servicos MaritimosLtda

First of all, we from WS would like to thanks God and all of the clients, Picolo e Associados, Proinde, Bunge S/A, Cargill, Global Chartering, Cross Chartering, Mur Shipping, Maersk, Vale, Arcelormittal Brasil, Arcelormittal Shipping, G2, Samarco, Gerdau, Usiminas, Petrobras, K-Lines, H-Dantas, LIbra, Oldendorff, Sanko Line, STX Panocean, SGS do Brasil, Alfred H Knight, Sealink, Orion Rodos, Brazshipping/LBH Group, Wilson Sons, Fertimport, Uniport, Brazcargo, Oceanus, Poseidon, Sealing, Minas Metais, Plantar, UK P&I, Gard, WOE, NOE, Standard, SSM, Japan, London, American, Swedish and other clients that were not listed and mentioned here  but also trust and believe in our company and capacity of our surveyors in this 30 years of existence.

WS Comercio e Servicos Maritimos Ltda, was stablished at Vitoria, Brazil in 1988 and has been attending our clients in many Brazilian ports (Tubarao, Ponta Ubu
Portocel, Vitoria,  Paul, Peiul, Capuaba, TVV, CPVV, Praia Mole, TPD, TNC, TGL, Pecem, Ports of Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Salvador, Ponta da Madeira, Itaqui, Alumar) and other ports (Nola, USA, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Callao, Peru, Valparaiso, Chile, San Nicolas, Argentina).

Our manager, Wagner Campagnaro is graduate in mathematic and mechanical engineer of production, start working as a surveyor in the port of Basra, Iraq in 1981 working for the company Mendes Junior International and after that, continue working in one of the Great company in the would, SGS do Brasil where he works in many ports of Brazil attending the vessels loading iron ore, pig iron, silicon manganese, grain cargoes, fertilizers, scraps, steel cargoes, cooper concentrates, bunkers, project cargoes doing draft surveys, on/off hire surveys, holds inspection, bunkers supply/survey, damage surveys, oil pollution investigation, cargo sampling, loading supervision, iron ore concentrate tests supervision in the laboratory, preloadings, loading, stowage and lashing supervision, underwater surveys, hatch cover water tight surveys (hose test and ultrasonic test) specialized for holds inspection for grain cargoes.

Attended several vessels in drydock and shipbuilding plant at Rio de Janeiro and learns with the best teachers in the area of ship & cargo`s inspection, continuing his career and training with the best teachers in the world, as Engineer Salvador Picolo, Carlos Augusto, Valadao, Gerardus J Kerklaan, JJKurts, and through the ages.

When the clients requests a service from our company, he should knows that through the ages, we certainly even improve our knowledge to bring to then the
best and modern, to protect their interests and avoid looses and prejudices.

Our prices are very competitive and we are open for negotiate a best fees.   


Draft survey

On/off hire survey

Bunkers survey

Bunkers quantity survey

Holds condition for grain cargoes

Damage survey

Pollution investigation

Crane inspection

Hold/hatches watertight by means of ultrasonic test

Cargo inspection

Soya beams, mill, corn and maize

Iron ore concentrate (grade A of ISMBC - cargo liable to liquefy) supervise moisture contents, TML, can test, sampling....

Preloading or outturn survey

Loading, stowage and lashing survey


Steel cargoes (HRSC, CHSC, rebars, wire rods, WFB, angles, steel plates, billets, slabs, blooms, etc)

Consultant surveyor